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Reliable-Home-Security-SystemsCheap home security is no longer a myth, but more popular than always. Years ago, security systems were mostly common for companies, businesses and expensive home owners. Today, anyone can afford such a system. However, in order to decide what your home actually needs, it is essential to understand how most systems work. When it comes to home security, the systems are usually triggered by door sensors.

The cheapest door sensors are tightly connected to the electrical network of your household. However, in order to improve their security, more and more companies rely on wireless sensors. The good news is that they are quite affordable too. However, in any of these situations, a cheap home security system is mostly based on the sensors placed around the doors and windows. These are the paths wherefore burglars may have access to the inside of your home. The sensors are usually magnetic. They are activated when the system is on and they sense a movement around your windows or doors. In those moments, the siren begins to scream, while the security company is alerted immediately. However, it is not mandatory to rely on the extra protection of a monitoring station. A loud siren is usually more than enough to chase burglars away.

How do these sensors actually function?

Everyone knows how sensors actually work, but there are not too many people who can give precise and detailed explanations. Their magnetic profile is essential for a cheap home security system, since magnets are not expensive. Besides, the magnetic profile ensures a proper and continuous voltage around the circuit when the system is on. It makes no difference if the windows or doors are opened or closed. Whenever someone steps inside, the voltage flow is practically interrupted, leading to the siren sound. Although they are more expensive, some units can also tell the police or the monitoring agency which window or door has actually been affected.


The protection is flawless, but it is essential to keep the windows and doors closed. After all, no one leaves them opened while leaving home. However, if you set the alarm on and you use to sleep with the windows open, you risk triggering the alarm due to the animals in the area. For instance, a curious cat can easily wake up the entire neighbourhood if you got a loud alarm. Therefore, make sure you take such aspects into consideration as well.