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disarming alarm systemYour home needs maximum security against thievery and burglary and other kinds of crimes that might cause threat to your loved ones and properties inside it. If you think you have not enough money to pay for security cameras and other equipment of this sort, then the following can aid you in doing simple and inexpensive security interventions against potential home robberies.

House Robbery Trends You Should Know

1. Most burglars are young males who aren’t professionals in their chosen crime. They can spend only sixty seconds within your home so you can do cheap home security like scaring him away through the dog. Owning a dog may eat up a little of your time at home but this will certainly drive the young burglar away.

2. Burglaries happen between ten in the morning until three in the afternoon. These are empty hours when people are out of their houses. If you cannot have someone to look after your home whenever you are at work or in school, you can set the television timer at random for a few hours.

3. Strategic location for security cameras could help in minimizing potential burglary risks. You should consider placing them in through the first-floor windows, backdoor, and front door. These entrances are followed by the garage, basement and other unlocked entrances.

4. Thieves spend about twelve minutes inside your house. One cheap home security measure is to hide your valuables well so they could spend a long time looking for those and would rather go away empty-handed. Forget the drawer, the freezer and the bedroom closet because those are the first destinations for thieves. 

Kinds of Security Upgrades

To intensify your drive against robbery, you might want to fuse your inexpensive security interventions with certain upgrades:

Wireless or Wired Alarm System – Although a security company is in charge of monitoring installed cameras, certain upgrade in this feature covers the automatic alarm for police or fire departments once a threat is being posed to the house. This can also come with motion detectors and sensors.

Motion Activated Lights – These are aimed at illuminating entrance areas and exits within the house. The lights were designed to automatically blink according to suspicious movements by intruders.

Cheap home security works perfectly with consistent caution and intensified security habits you and your family can practice. You can prevent you properties from being intruded if you are aware of current trends and other technological breakthroughs that could drive burglars away.